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Chord game

Ids Schiere

Sold-out Crowd Surfer
Nov 11, 2019
I figured we could do a little chord game. You can name a specific chord or a chord progression and how it makes you feel. No lyrics, just playing the chord progression by itself.

Chord (progression) that makes me happy: Something by The Beatles(just the chord progression alone is enough for me to cheer up)

Chord (progression) that makes me sad: anything in Dm and particularly Dm itself. That's just a sad key to my ear 😅

Chord (progression) that makes me uncomfortable: dim7 chords(arpeggios and half diminished chords are fine but fill dim7 chords just have too much tension harmonically)

Chord (progression) that makes me feel relaxed: slowly played(reggae style) major chords but particularly C and G major.

Chord (progression) I'm always drawn to: Hotel California, the fact it's in Bm and uses natural minor, harmonic minor and Dorian just entices me

Chord (progression) that I love but don't use enough: 6/9 and 11th chords

Chord (progressions) that are your best friend: anything I-IV-V, ii-V-I or I-V-VI-IV (I actually like using it in choruses a lot of the time 🤣🤣)

Chord (progression) you're fascinated by: what goes over the outro solo in Roman sky 😱

Chris Johnston

Music Theory Bragger
  • Nov 11, 2019
    North Ayrshire, Scotland
    This is such a good game 😍

    Chord prog that makes me Happy:
    The i VI III V7 or vi IV I V7/vi (However you want to name it) in St James 🤟

    Chord prog that makes me sad/emotional:
    vi V IV in any song where each chord gets one beat - I just think it's beautiful when it happens - A good A7X example is in Tension is about 4 or 5 bars before the solo ends, so good 🤟

    Chord prog that makes me uncomfortable:
    Not quite sure about this one but the B7 to Bbmin6 in the Jazz tune Night in Tunisia has a pretty weird vibe to it.

    Chord prog that makes me feel relaxed:
    Imaj9 to iv min9 and back to I maj9

    Chord prog that is my best friend:
    I seem to always want to hear I to V in all of my bands tunes, so that is my simple go to 👌

    Chord prog that I'm fascinated by:
    Complete cop out answer but probably anything by Jacob Collier 😂
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